My work explores the issue of diminishing biodiversity, the fact that organisms are functionally inseparable from the environment in which they live and questions sentimental Images of wildlife that serve to mask the  ‘State of Nature.’

Ephemeral outline drawings, suggesting presence of absence- are juxtaposed with fine detail oil painting that serve to illustrate the familiar we stand to lose. Falling feathers and seeds refer to the symbiotic characters of species.

I would like the paintings to encourage an audience to question their preparedness to engage with contemporary environmental issues.

Inspiration for the work has been Maria Sybilla Merian, Giacometti.

'Eco Engineer'
badger with elderflowers and moth
'Turning the soil'
'Hare with Adonis Blue'
'Hare with Buzzard feathers.'
'Fox, leaving'
'Fox with Ash seeds'
'Sleeping Fox'
'Caching Rook' work in progress
'Lark Ascending'
'Spotted Flycatcher'
'Lynx with pine needles'
'Pine Marten'
'Lynx with pine needles'

A combination of hunting and loss of woodland are believed to have driven the Eurasian lynx to extinction in the UK around 1,300 years ago. As a predator, the lynx exerts a controlling influence on its prey species, both in limiting their numbers and in altering prey behaviour, so that they avoid areas with a high risk of attack. This can have knock-on effects on the vegetation, through restricting the amount of herbivory, and therefore enabling more growth of plants and young trees.